Tannen's Magic Camp

Since 1974, young magicians across the globe have come to Tannen's Magic Camp to hone their craft as professional magicians. The camp's objective is to instill a true sense of passion and respect for the art of magic, creating life-long friendships along the way. Our camp is dedicated to making our campers the best magicians and performers possible.

The camp teaches magic through hands-on instruction and fun exploration of the various magical genres. Campers can pursue either stage, parlour, or close-up magic, focusing on the performance, psychology, and the art of magic - while learning as many tricks, techniques, and illusions as possible.

Tannen's Magic Camp is a week-long experience, open to magicians ages 12 to 20, and features an intense schedule of classes, workshops, and lectures given by leading magicians, and evening performances featuring our talented staff and celebrity guests.

Camp is located on the enchanting grounds of Bryn Mawr College, approximately nine miles west of Philadelphia. This breathtaking 135-acre campus is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country, and offers a professional theatre, classrooms, air-conditioned dorms and dining halls.

In an average day at magic camp you'll: Eat breakfast - Go to your magic class and learn tricks - Eat lunch - See a magic lecture - Practice and jam session - Attend a specialized magic workshop - Practice and jam some more - Eat dinner - Then see a magic show.

Did we mention that every camper gets an amazing magic kit full of great books, tricks and DVDs valued at $100?!

Notable graduates include: David Blaine, Joshua Jay, Steve Cohen, Darren Romeo, Michael Carbonaro, and Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody, just to name a few!

Past Guests and Counselors Include: David Copperfield, Derek DelGaudio, Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Criss Angel, Johnny Thompson, Jay Sankey, Banachek, Mark DeSouza, Jeff McBride, Jamy Ian Swiss, Todd Robbins, Simon Lovell, Bob Fitch, Peter Samelson, Rocco, Eric DeCamps, Vito Lupo, Richard Sanders, Johnny Ace Palmer, Joe Devlin, Doug McKenzie, Ricky Smith, Adam Rubin, Dan White, Dan Hauss, Kostya Kimlat, Hiawatha, Scott Hitchcock, Derek Hughes, Danny Garcia, Asi Wind, Paul Vigil, Noah Levine, Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert, Steve Cohen, and many more!

I went there with the intention to inspire them — to show the campers where magic might take them. After all, I sat in their seats thirty years ago and have since turned my passion into a successful career. What I wasn’t expecting was how the students would inspire me with their energy, raw talent and deep enthusiasm for our shared love of magic.
— Steve Cohen

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