My brother, Mark, was a boy who made magic his life from his early youth until the day he passed at the age of 24. As a teenager, he dressed up as a clown and performed at Birthday Parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, enticing and mesmerizing his audience with his magic and humor. Mark grew into an accomplished magician, winning many awards for his routine called Dental Magic. However, it wasn’t only Mark’s magic skills that made him who he was as a magician. He was goofy, comical, loved to play pranks on people and had a sense of humor that was one of a kind. Mark attended Tannen’s Magic Camp every summer from the age of 10, first as a Camper and then continued to work there as a counselor. He cared deeply for both the kids who attended Magic Camp and the magic program. It was the most important week of the year for him. He was able to develop and hone his craft and more importantly there he made many of the most important friendships of his life.



Mark’s family and friends have instituted a scholarship at Tannen’s Magic Camp in Mark’s name to enable at least one young magician to enjoy some of the same experiences that were so important to Mark. The scholarship will pay the full tuition of at least one young magician who best meets the criteria as outlined in the application (partial scholarships may also be available). In order to be considered for a scholarship you need to submit a video of yourself performing. We’d prefer that it be a YouTube link (it can be a private channel), or you can send a DVD as well. There is no specific time limit or requirement for the video, but given that we have day jobs we don’t really have the time to watch hours of you performing so keep it brief and only send us the best stuff. This doesn’t need to be a high quality production of you performing for thousands of fans (if you are performing for thousands of fans, please call us so we can get you to contribute to the scholarship fund)! Along with the video please fill out this application and send it along via mail or you can scan it and send it in the email. The recommendation should be sent directly to us. We will give high marks (which increases your chance of a scholarship to attend magic camp) if your video contains ‘embarrasstaining’ magic. Embarassatainment is performing a little differently. It is doing something edgy, that leaves folk a little, but not terribly, uncomfortable -- Andy Kaufman style and this was Mark’s specialty. We’d like to see more of it. Of course, if your style of magic doesn’t include these qualities, that’s ok too. Regardless of how you send us your application it needs to include the following: 1. A brief statement (in writing or on the video) telling us about your interest and passion for magic. Explain why you want to go to Magic Camp, why it’s important to you and why you need a scholarship. 2. One letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, administrator or community leader telling us what a great person you are (letters should be signed originals and submitted in a sealed envelope – if you send your application via email just send these to us separately in the mail – just make sure that it has your name on it otherwise we may think it’s referring to someone else). 3. Any other information which you think would be helpful to evaluate your application, but please no photos or videos of your pets. 4. We’d like to get the application by April 1, 2015, but let us know if you are working on it and we can work something out.


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